Zerosei Project is proud to announce the creation of the Zerosei Education Group. 

The group consists of education professionals, sustainability specialists and experts from the construction industry. In partnership with Zerosei Project, the Zerosei Education Group has been created for the implementation of high quality education through physical learning spaces. These spaces are sustainability focused, with positive outcomes for children, families, educators, and the wider community. 

With the implementation of gravitational learning, the Zerosei Education Groups projects will not only have quality education for its students, but also its educators, who are in a constant state of learning through workshops and professional development and from the children themselves. 

With a focus on sustainability, which begins within, these learning spaces are beneficial to the wider community through community outreach and workshops designed around the needs of local residents. Emphasising a holistic approach to education and sustainability through an awareness of ourselves and the planet, the Zerosei Education Group is committed to creating spaces which are reflective of these values.