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Our main goal is to improve the quality of your service in a long term sustainable plan, not through one-go seminars but supporting the team and the school management during the school year. Together we will redesign a school for families, teachers and children able to reflect your cultural values and principles in each detail.

We do however, also include single sessions and single workshops for those who would prefer an initial reflection and exploration on practice.

We aim to connect the Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach with culturally rich education centers across Asia Pacfic and Oceanic regions.

Professional development is characterized as a process aimed at building understanding and awareness of the meanings and methods of education, the central qualifying points of the educational project, and the specific competencies of the various professional roles.

from Indications Preschools and Infant Toddler Centres 
of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia

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The consultation is for schools and institutions that need to have more tailor-made support in leadership and/or team management, to enable you to stayed aligned with the mission of your practice, and identify and help you to improve the areas of needed growth.

We’ll visit your institution in order to observe, take a big picture of your practice and consequently being able to give you the appropriate feedback and hands-on suggestions.


The seminars and professional development training are led by one Pedagogista and are tailored to professionals interested to Intertwine Reggio’s Inspirations to their practice or for a team that needs determinate suggestions on a precise topic.


The workshops are composed of both a theoretical and practical part on a defined topic. They are led by both an Atelierista and Pedagogista and aim to give you practical skills to translate into your practice.



We see this kind of support more tailor-made for a teacher, or a group of teachers already on their journey, but just interested in adding more quality to the material’s set up and increasing the awareness of the presented material.

It consists of:

9 sessions by whatsapp platform, focused on the material’s set-up,

1 online Skype consultation with our Atelierista or Pedagogista, focused on the project.

Once per month a topic of interest will be presented and discussed (on Saturday Afternoon from 2 to 3 – Singapore time).

Private Skype consultation with our Atelierista or Pedagogista

You can directly book a private session with one of our experts.

As part of the membership and the yearly packages we’ll provide you with an online ongoing support both via email and via Skype, with additional material regularly sent.


Contact us to get a tailor-made package for your study week in Reggio’s province.


Intensive study week and teachers’ retreat in Bali, focused on the Reggio inspired Approach.

It will be included a tour with visits at the Anak Atelier Reggio Inspired School and Green School.


In collaboration with The Anak Atelier.  
At the end of the week the teachers will receive a certificate of attendance.

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Our tailor-made programs allow us to walk on a professional journey together. In the long term we can follow your improvements, train staff and guarantee you ongoing support both online and onsite through the whole year, based on the assessment of your needs.