Reggio Inspired Study Visits

ZeroSei Project is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Accento Cooperativa Sociale of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

ZeroSei Project will be offering tailor-made journeys  to Reggio Inspired schools in Reggio territory, trainings for teachers, educators and other professionals in the educational sectors.

Together with Accento, ZeroSei Project will be offering two-four days tailor-made study tours in Reggio Emilia territory on different topics. The trip includes school visits, seminars and  practical workshops all hosted by Pedagogista and Atelierista from Reggio Emilia. 

Accento Cooperativa Sociale was born with the aim to project, develop and manage educational services oriented to the social integration and the improvement in life of both children and adolescents. Childhood culture in the management, the culture of the active participation and the cooperative well-being defines the distinctive features of Accento and guarantees the quality of the services offered for the families involved. 

For more information about our collaboration with Accento and the Reggio Inspired Training available, download the brochure below.

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