Our professional development opportunities are divided in Seminars and Professional development trainings.


Professional development training (1 or 2 days).

The PD include an initial presentation of the Reggio inspired Philosophy Principles of Reggio PD (Reggio inspired philosophy, the image of the child, the role of the teacher, sample of a schedule) combined with one Seminar and a presentation about the 4 foundations:

  • Make the Learning Visible
  • Working on Projects
  • 100 Expressive Languages
  • Enabling Environments


The seminars are brief (2 hours seminars), hands-on reflections on determinate spaces conducted by a Pedagogista. The potential topics are:

  • Graphic area
  • Make Believe area
  • Message area/Communication Space
  • Lunch time
  • Outdoor
  • Integration with Preliteracy and Prenumeracy Codes
  • Nutrition, projects samples about lunch time and the discover of the food – food is a conversation
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