Transforming Activities into Learning Opportunities – Recorded Webinar

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During this webinar, we discuss how we can extend a child’s learnings, by turning activities into rich, meaningful experiences for both children and adults.

We take a look at the theoretical framework behind presenting open-ended learning opportunities as well as introducing real-life examples of how we can help parents foster these opportunities with their children. In addition, this webinar looks at how we can offer new and existing learning experiences, online.

The webinar looks at the following topics and reflections:

  1. How do children learn?
  2. What kind of materials and activities can sustain children’s investigations?
  3. How can we support our children’s learnings?
  4. Reggio-inspired provocations for home
  5. Examples of ‘listening’ and responding to children’s theories



Duration: 1 hr 10 minutes

Speakers: Ambra Lanzi and Katherine Navarria

Format: Recorded on Zoom Platform

For schools interested in offering this webinar to their team or families, please contact us at


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