Teachers Retreat

US$ 1,490.00

Enjoy our early Bird to join our exclusive retreat in Bali this April 2024.

Here our you can download our Brochure: April Bali Retreat


With great excitement, we invite you to embark on a new  journey of professional and personal transformation in Bali.
Join our April Retreat, this time in Bali, to attend seminars, visit schools in the region, participate in hands-on workshops, and experience cultural and spiritual immersions.
You will have the opportunity to spend 6 days in 2024 with the main current experts in Education in a completely new and transformed context, such as Bali.
During the retreat, you will have the chance to visit various and diverse schools in the region, including farm schools, Reggio-inspired nature-based schools, and local schools. Additionally, you’ll participate in immersive seminars and workshops to closely reflect on the future of education.

Some of the speakers and facilitators of the retreat: 

  • Ambra Lanzi, Pedagogical Consultant and Zerosei Project Co-founder
  • Carlotta Ferrozzi, Pedagogical Coordinator and co-founder of Remida Bologna
  • Erin Hoover, IB expert and Pedagogical Consutant
  • Roberta Pucci, Atelierista and Art Terapist
  • Suzanne Axelsson, Educational Consultant and Founder of The Original Approach
  • Katherine Navarria, Pedagogical Researcher



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