Online Communication and Documentation – Recorded Webinar

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‘Online Communication and Documentation’ is part 4 of 6 of our Co-Educating Reggio at Home series.

This webinar is the Recorded Session of our LIVE webinar held 1 September 2020.

The webinar looks at keeping the lines of communication open between children and their families as we enter this this new phase of education. The webinar reflects on the best ways to communicate with and within school communities from a distant learning perspective and delves into the most effective processes to document this journey along the way.

The webinar focuses on:

·         Creating online content for your school community.

·         Reflecting on the new documentation processes that are currently taking place.

·         How we can share and encourage children and families to be involved in documenting.



Duration: 1 hr 12 minutes

Speakers: Ambra Lanzi and Randi Shuster

Format: Recorded on Zoom Platform

For schools interested in offering this webinar to their team or families, please contact us at


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