Fostering Independence and Autonomies – Recorded Webinar

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‘Fostering Independence and Autonomies’ is part 3 of 6 of our Co-Educating Reggio at Home series.

During this webinar we discuss how we can sustain and promote children’s autonomies and independence while teaching online. We look at supporting families in sustaining a competent image of the child while at home in addition, we discuss ways in which we can we promote autonomy. 

This webinar reflects on the following:

·         Our image of the child as professionals and or teams

·         The Meaning of Autonomy and Independence

·         How to foster independence and autonomy at home

The webinar includes a practical workshop about the image of the child



Duration: 1 hr 30 minutes

Speakers: Ambra Lanzi and Katherine Navarria

Format: Recorded on Zoom Platform

For schools interested in offering this webinar to their team or families, please contact us at


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