Beyond Paper

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Get on board with ZeroSei Project and Carlotta Ferrozzi from ReMida Bologna_terre d’acqua for this two-session journey into the expressive potentials of paper – treating paper as a material with whom we can enter into a dialogue with.

During this webinar we will learn how to identify different kinds of paper, it’s properties, and the tools we can use to investigate it’s potentials further. We will look at how to display and organize materials to promote learning, stimulate imagination, and find ways to display provocations for the investigation of the paper.

Through a multi-sensory approach, this journey will explore the different qualities and expressive potential hidden in paper as a material. 

We will learn to listen to paper, to observe and touch it with a renewed wonder and surprise. Through this journey, we will learn how to project with paper and to use it in an educational context.


General Objectives of the course

  • To investigate the different qualities of the paper intertwining different languages while stimulating the creativity of each participant;
  • To value the expressivity of the matter as an element to look, listen, touch, with wonder and surprise;
  • To move away from the daily use of paper and reflect on its potential uses in the diverse educational contexts.


Specific Objectives of the course

  • To investigate the grammar of the paper: to observe the qualities of the paper through the use of chemical tools reagents;
  • To experiment, collect and categorize – each gesture, each piece of paper and type of paper;
  • To discover, give meanings, research – to what we are getting to know and discovering;
  • To project transient contexts: to modify the environment, aiming to reflect meaning;
  • To realize new projects: to put together our individual research, and create an inventory of the researches done during the webinar series


Date:  21st November, 5th December


  • 9-11 PM Singapore/Perth
  • 2-4 PM Rome
  • 6-8 AM Los Angeles/Vancouver
  • 9-11 AM New York
  • 8-10 PM Jakarta/Ho Chi Minh City
  • 5- 7 PM Dubai
  • 4-6 PM Beirut

For other timezones:

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Location: Zoom Platform



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