we are

ZeroSei Project is a team of professionals from Reggio Emilia and the international teaching sector with expert experience in Reggio inspired schools. We are specialized in pedagogical research and consulting for educators, professionals and preschools inspired by the Reggio approach.


Our intent is to promote high quality education in different countries and cultures.
Aiming is to identify your strengths and develop your school’s potentials in a long lasting working relationship, our pedagogy is oriented to the contemporary world, and intertwined with the culture of your territory.

We believe in a very interactive and democratic way to work, where each voice is listened and our support is conveyed through a continuous exchange and shared reflections.


Ambra Lanzi

Ms. Ambra Lanzi is an Early Childhood International Consultant and Psychologist from Reggio Emilia. Her philosophy of education is rooted in more than 10 years of experience in in Early Childhood services built while working as Teacher, Pedagogista as well as Psychologist and Sensorimotor Specialist , in Reggio Emilia and Reggio Inspired Early Learning Centers.

Ms. Ambra is currently based in Asia, where her work involves advocating for children’s rights, educating, and supporting schools in the implementation and reflection on their values and practices.
She is oriented in sustaining the schools in intertwining the culture of the territory with Reggio Inspired foundations

Elena tramontani

Elena is an Atelierista living and working in Reggio Emilia, graduated in Communication Design from the Polytechnic University of Milan. She can be classified as an expert in the expressive languages of children. 

She worked for one year in Viet Nam, in one of the most wonderful Reggio Inspired schools in Ho Chi Minh city, and she is currently working in the Reggio based “Cooperativa Accento”, being Atelierista in three schools and supporting other educators (0-6 years old). She participates in children projects, and in renovating spaces and contexts; in addition, she provides support to both children and educators through design proposals of documentation and research ateliers, as well as aesthetic research on languages and skills and meanings behind them.

Katherine Calcagno

Katherine began her professional career within the Marketing industry working with some of the top FMCG companies, where she was able to gain valuable product experience before transitioning over into the Learning and Development sector. It was here that Katherine discovered her passion for education and propelled herself forward into following her dream.

The past three years has seen Katherine work within Reggio inspired international schools in both China and Vietnam as a lead teacher, atelierista and a resource manager.  This experience sparked a deep curiosity and dedication to delivering the Reggio approach in the classroom.

This enthusiasm sparked Katherine’s move back to Australia where she is able to undertake her Masters in Teaching (Early Childhood) and working within the private kindergarten sector. The combination of working and studying simultaneously provides endless opportunities for Katherine to keep up to date with the current industry research, direction and investigations whilst translating this information through to the ZeroSei Project.

Katherine is motivated by the journey of bringing high level of education experiences to all children inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach.

Janet Souter

Graduating with a Master of Early Childhood Education from Newcastle University, a Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood from Queensland University of Technology and an Associate Diploma in Early Childhood from Brisbane College of Advanced Education, Janet has worked as an Educator, Director, Consultant, Lecturer, Area Manager and Principal in early childhood education over the past 30 years in Australia, Vietnam and Canada
Janet has also worked with Junior Medical Officers (JMOs)  in they postgraduate education programs, General Practitioners  (GP)  undertaking their Fellowship training and as an Academic Developer, working alongside university faculty members undertaking course reviews for graduate and postgraduate programs. It was during her work with junior doctors in teaching hospitals and academic development in university faculty course review, Janet became aware of the interconnections between project/inquiry based learning for children and adults. 
Having taught in a number of subjects in degree programs in a number of Universities in Australia; including Early Childhood Pedagogies, Arts in the Early Years and Advocacy and Leadership in Education, Janet also experienced first hand the connections and challenges between pre-service teachers’ knowledge and in-service teachers’ practice.
Having worked in many aspects of education form early childhood to adult education, Janet is able to bring her early childhood practical experience together with her university teacher education experience to support and assist International teachers to immerse an authentic arts-infused approach, along with rich documentation practices for the education of youngest citizens.