Early Literacy and Numeracy Codes

As educational professionals, when we decided to embrace a Reggio Inspired Educational Project we were moved by our passion and beliefs and used this to drive our daily approach in the classroom. However why when it comes to sustaining Early Literacy and Numeracy, why do we often begin to doubt ourselves and fall back on the use of templates, worksheets and activities within structured curriculums?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

As educators who implement an emergent curriculum and draw on our learnings to intertwine and transfer from one context to another, we should rest easy and have the faith in our approach. We do not need to resort to worksheets or even just pretend that Pre-Literacy and Pre-Numeracy do not exist within the early years. It is fact, that within a true Reggio Inspired context these themes are alive and present!

Early Literacy and Early Numeracy can be intertwined in several learning areas and projects within our classrooms. The role we take on as Reggio Inspired Educators is to facilitate and intertwine learning opportunities as they present themselves. Whether it be through projects, morning assembly, documentation, outdoor explorations….. wherever these opportunities present themselves, we must make the most of them and not let them slip away.

So, when is the right time to set up a message area? At which age do we begin to be in dialogue with numbers? How can we intertwine these learnings into projects and other learning areas and activities? Which provocations, learning areas, invitations, and setups do we use?

After investigating different measuring tools, the children created their own rulers to help measure the plants growing in the school’s vegetable garden
The children measuring the plants’ growth with their measurments
Sample of a Message area offered by Bloom Boutique Atelier

Photography from Bloom Boutique Atelier, Bali, Indonesia

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