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What we
have in mind

Zerosei Project aims to create long-term relationships with schools, organizations, and early childhood centres inspired by the Reggio inspired philosophy.

We believe that the most powerful form of influence is what happens between people.

ZeroSei Project offers active listening and care, in a nourishing relationship, promoting transformational changes through exchange.

where we
come from

Our pedagogical inspirations are rooted in the Reggio inspired Approach, and our challenge is to translate these principles into your cultural background and context.

There can be no pedagogical discourse without the social and political discourse. It is not isolated from, but an important part of the wider community.
It is through 
the education of our children that we communicate the values of the society.    

who we
cooperate with

Our audience are professionals, centres and educational systems that welcome children from 0 to 6 years. We see our work with you as a path, a project to unfold together.


“I think that it’s a mistake to take any school approach and assume, like a flower, that you can take it from one soil and put it into another one. That never works. This doesn’t mean at all that [we] can’t learn a tremendous amount from it, but we have to reinvent it. We have to figure out what are the aspects which are most important to us and what kind of soil we need here to make those aspects thrive”

Howard Gardner, 1997


“A child doesn‘t learn about colours by staying inside the lines, but having the time and possibility to try them out”

A Reggio Emilia Teacher


what people
say about us

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and under both Ambra and Elena and can confidently vouch for their extensive knowledge and understanding of the a Reggio Emilia inspired philosophy. Their ability to explain, formulate and educate those around them in Reggio inspired practices and philosophies has helped me in becoming a better educator by understanding the mind and insights of a child.
Alex C.
Admissions, HCMC, Vietnam
I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Ambra in my role as Pedagogista at a Reggio inspired preschool. I received excellent guidance, helping me to personally improve my knowledge and skills, as well as my effectiveness with the teachers I work with. Ambra also worked directly with our teachers providing explicit advice regarding the design of the environment, collaborated with teachers to create project planning and gave feedback regarding documentation. She is incredibly generous with her time and has a very high level of expertise. I would highly recommend her services if you are looking for support in implementing the Reggio Emilia inspired approach. She is a delightful person to work with!
Kate B.
Pedagogista, HCMC, Vietnam
Support and trainings from Ambra have been the highlight of my teaching career. Not only does she share her extensive knowledge and practical experience but her level of enthusiasm and passion around the Reggio inspired approach is infectious and inspiring. With her support I have been able to develop a year long project that is exciting and challenging both for myself and my teaching team and for our children. I have truly learned so much from her and grown to have a deeper understanding of the Reggio inspired approach and the ways to implement it properly and effectively in my classroom.
Remy C.
Teacher, HCMC, Vietnam

we reach

We aim to connect the Reggio Emilia Inspired Approach with culturally rich education centers across Asia Pacfic and Oceanic regions.